Rearing Calves the Right Way.
Supporting Better Health.

Growing Calves.

Blade calf rearers benefit from working in partnership with our Blade Farming team, feed suppliers, veterinary advisors and customers.

The rearing regime, based on a 12-week cycle, has been developed in consultation with veterinary surgeons and ruminant nutritional consultants to ensure maximum calf growth rates. It will also minimise the health challenges for the growing calves. Calves regularly achieve growth rates in excess of 1kg daily live-weight gain.

Calves are reared to order and are grown to a minimum of 100kgs live-weight before they are sold to finishers.

The calf rearer is responsible for the health and welfare of all calves on the unit.

Other responsibilities include:

‘All risk’ insurance policies to be taken out and maintained to cover all Blade property and visitors to the farm

• Labour and expertise

• Recording information and relating it to the Blade Office on a weekly basis

• Maintaining buildings and infrastructure

• Pre-movement TB testing


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