Finishing Cattle with Blade.
Part of our Integrated System.

Becoming a Blade Finisher.

To become a Blade finisher you need:

• Good quality grazing and forage management

• The facilities to receive 100kg calves at three months of age, access to livestock buildings and winter cattle housing

• To be commercially minded, have the ability to follow a production system, weigh and record your cattle production and respond to the results

• Recognised Farm Assurance certification

There is a complete range of forward price beef finishing contracts available for most types of finished cattle to suit most types of beef farming systems.

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The Benefits of a Blade Reared Calf.

• As a buyer you will be buying the type and breed of calf of your choice at the time of year that suits your production system

• The weaned calves are reared as a group on the same regime and will have been vaccinated, disbudded and BVD tagged and tested

• The calves are delivered with a full health history, detailing treatments and vaccinations

• Calves are sold as even bunches by weight

• The calves have had an excellent start to their lives and are growing fast. When they arrive on your unit they are ready to move onto growing and finishing diets as required

• Batches of up to 120 calves can be reared in the same unit, reducing the need to mix bunches of calves at the stressful time of movement to their next unit

• The rearing protocol has been designed to ensure consistency throughout the Blade units giving customers confidence when buying a Blade weaned calf

• All calves are supplied with Electronic Identification tags that can be used with many farm software packages

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