The First Truly Integrated Supply Chain.
Innovating Ever Since.

Sharing Success with Farmers.

Blade Farming was established in 2001 as the first truly integrated beef supply chain in the UK. Our objective has never changed and that is to produce high quality, consistent British beef for our customers.

Our supply chains are all backed up with a contract.

That means that farmers and customers benefit from long term commitments. Being part of Blade Farming means that farmers can plan ahead and lock in to bespoke high welfare supply chains.

20 years together for our customers.

The Blade Farming model has been delivering for our customers since 2001 – all thanks to our trusted supply chain model that values integrity, quality and long term commitment.

We’ve been at the forefront of innovation and best practice since day one, working with our rearers and finishers to create more sustainable, more efficient and higher welfare ways of bringing our customers what they want – the best British beef.

Partnering with ABP UK.

The Blade Farming model has been tried and tested for over two decades, and we realise that our rearing operations have encouraged new entrants into beef farming through our innovative calf rearing model. Beef finishers benefit from high health status weaned calves with a forward contract for their finished cattle back to ABP.

Being part of ABP has enabled improved scalability of the business and we now have operations in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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