Part of ABP UK.
Delivering Quality, Value
and Integrity Since 1954.

A Partnership to be Proud of.

ABP is a leading meat supplier, working side by side with over 12,000 farmers to deliver an award-winning range of fresh and frozen meat products.

ABP is committed to delivering processes and innovations that support its farmers and customers.

From breeding and grading, slaughter to maturation, ABP is doing all they can to set standards of best practice agricultural processes, animal welfare, hygiene and quality. It works across four divisions, with a single collective focus: to be the best.

A process of continual renewal ensures the quality of the livestock.

Committed to BestInClass.

BestInClass is one of ABP’s five core strategies, and it’s a commitment to just that – being best in class for livestock and agriculture.

By prioritising animal welfare and quality, ABP aims to meet high standards, then exceed them.

As key stakeholders in the food supply chain ABP is dedicated to ensuring the full traceability of their products.

ABP works with a network of farmers and is renowned for paying its suppliers on the day of delivery at strategically located local abattoirs that minimise animal transport distances. It recognises that the farmers who supply meat are vital partners in ensuring that the quality and traceability of the product is maintained.


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