Integrated Beef at its Best.
Renowned for Quality and Innovation.

Trusted by Farmers.

At Blade Farming, we have built our success on entrepreneurship, technological investment and a deep knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

We are an integrated contract farming operation, dedicated to producing consistently high quality British beef. Through a range of initiatives, we work closely with our farmers to help them rear and finish cattle to a high specification for high value markets.

Our tried and tested business model helps farmers to reduce unnecessary costs and optimise cattle performance.

As key stakeholders in the food supply chain we’re committed to ensuring the full traceability of our products.


Valued by Customers.

All the supply chains we run are designed to produce meat to our customers’ requirements. The Blade system offers full technical, nutritional and management support, helping Blade producers to remain at the forefront of sustainable beef farming.

Demand for beef produced through the Blade system is increasing as producers and customers see the benefits of British beef produced to a defined specification.

We now have in excess of 20,000 head of beef cattle in our operation making us one of the largest beef farming operations in the UK.

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