Continental X Steer and Heifer Contracts

Continental X Steer and Heifer ContractsThere is a good opportunity for steer and heifer finishers to secure an excellent forward price for their cattle if they are prepared to commit to a finishing contract.

Blade Farming have an ongoing requirement from their parent company to source consistent finished cattle that meet a certain specification, and this can be achieved with continental cross steers and heifers finished at under 24 months of age.


The details of the contract are as follows:

  • All cattle must be supplied by Blade Farming.
  • The premium for all cattle meeting the specification will be +25 p/Kg dwt over the ABP weekly price and cattle will be graded on the standard ABP grid.
  • Cattle must be finished on a 'non-GM diet'
  • Finished cattle must be under 24 months of age and delivered to a specified ABP site once they are finished.

* Contact Us for more details on the contract and grading grids.

The key points of the production systems are:
  • First class weaned calves arrive to order on the Finishing unit
  • A forward price contract for the finished cattle is signed soon after the calves arrive on farm, securing a premium price for the cattle provided that they meet the target specifications
  • Cattle must be finished on a 'non-GM diet', containing a high vitamin E supplement to enhance the quality of the meat
  • Cattle must be finished by 24 months of age, with a minimum carcass weight of 260 Kg dwt.
  • All cattle will be priced according to their weight and grade
  • Finishing cattle at a young age meets the consumer's requirements, and increases the throughput of the unit
  • Nutritional and management advice is available from Blade Farming representatives and our Partners in the feed supply
If you're interested in our Continental X Steer and Heifer Contracts, please call 01458 259 413 or why not Contact Us using our enquiry form.

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